"Jeaniene has been keepping me and my family well for 10 years. She is both intuitive and scientific in her approach and leaves you feeling aligned both mentally and physically. Jeaniene provides a holistic approach to her work - she sees how stress impacts our wellness and after each adjustment she provides advice for how to sustain the alignement via fitness, nutrition and strengthening exercises." - Kristine


"She is deeply knowledgable, professional, experienced and greets her patients with authentic confidence. This is important when you are letting your body be manipulated. I trust her implicitly.  Jeanie has an innate talent for what she does - she is not just good, she is gifted. From chronic pain or injury to the desire to proactively stay well - Jeanie is our go-to.  We are incredibly grateful to have her expertise and heartfelt caring in our lives."- Amy   


"I have been seeing Dr. Jeanie for regular adjustment for years.  With her experience and expertise she has corrected many of my ailments.  As she understands all the nerve connections to the spine, she knows how to relieve pain and discomfort by focussing on the right areas.  I wouldn't trust my spine or my kids spines to anyone else!" - Cheryl


"I starting seeing Jeaniene for lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain.  There is no question how much the adjustments have help.  If I didn't see Dr. Donovan, I would not want to contemplate the shape I'd be in." - Sarah


"Dr. Jeaniene Donovan has cared for myself, my husband and my children.  She is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in her evaluation and treatment.   She delivers adjustments with a caring and gentle manner.  I have had significant and lasting relief of symptoms.  I trust Dr. Donovan with my family." -Lara


"Jeanie has given my family adjustments for over 10 years. I have scoliosis and occasionally get back pain. She always instantly relieves the pain, which allows for freedom of movement. The most significant thing she did for us is detect at the early age of 10 scoleosis in my daughter. My daughter was projected to be almost 6’ so this put her at a high risk of severe scoliosis. We have treated her with a brace early but because of Jeanie's diagnosis,  scoliosis has actually improved since we found it so early. This has relieved us of the fear of serious back surgery thanks to Jeanie. I highly recommend Dr. Donovan for any health and wellness issues."      -Trent


"I live in Maine and I only get to see Dr. Donovan every once in awhile, but it's something I look forward to and worth the trip every time." - Matt